There was a garrison and mint in Nisibis what was called Antioch in Mygdonia. Antiochus III visited Nisibis in 220BC and astronomical diaries refer to an army of Antiochus VI Dionysus near Nisibis in the summer of 144. A Stoic philosopher named Apollophanes is said to have come from Nisibis. Nisibis had not become a hellenized city, and the Aramaic language remained dominant and the official name "Antioch" was forgotten once the Parthians had defeated the Seleucids in Mesopotamia. Cassius Dio calls the Nisibenes barbarians, due to them not speaking Greek.

Antiochus IV Hover to enlarge Antiochus IV

Antiochus IV
Mint: Seleucia on the Tigris
AE Dichalkon
173/172 BC
Obvs: Radiate head of Antiochus right, within fillet border. BX monogram behind head.
Revs: BAΣIΛEΩΣ ANTIOXOY, goddess with polos seated left on high-backed throne holding Nike. Bird standing left at feet, dotted border.
20x21mm, 6.68g
Order # G 281
Ref: SC Vol.2 1509

Demetrios II Hover to enlarge Demetrios II

Mint: Nisibis
146 to 139 BC
Obvs: Demetrios with short beard right.
Revs: BAΣIΛEΩΣ ΔHMHTPIOY NIKATOPOΣ, Agathos Daimon and Agathe Tyche clasping hands. EY between.
AE 16x20mm, 8.27g
Order # G 271
Ref: SC 1980.1; HGC 10, 1004(R2)