The Greeks founded several colonies on the Thracian coasts, the most notable being Byzantium. On the Black Sea's Gulf, the Milesians founded Apollonia in the 7th century BC, and the Chalcedonians founded Mesembria in the 6th century BC. Most Thracians became subjects to Persia by 516 BC . The Thracians were assimilated into Macedon by Philip II and united by his son Alexander the Great. In 197 BC, it was made a part of Pergamum by the Romans. Emperor Claudius I annexed all of Thrace in 46 AD and it was made into a Roman province.

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AE 19
After 270 BC
Obvs: Laureate head of Darsalas right
Revs: ΛHΣITΩN, Darsalas on horse right. A monogram below
19mm, 7.23g
Order # G 238
Ref: SNG Stancomb 261