Sidon was a city of maritime power for the Phoenicians, located on the Eastern Mediterranean Sea. It was a center of purple-dying and the manufacture of glass.

Sidon Hover to enlarge Sidon

AE 22
106 BC
Obvs: Tyche wearing turreted crown, palm behind shoulder all within border.
Revs: Lς ΣIΔΩNIΩN, War galley. Phoenician letters below.
22mm, 7.54g
Order # G 027
Ref: BMC 120

Antiochos VIII Hover to enlarge Antiochos VIII

Antiochos VIII
Mint: Sidon
AR Tetradrachm
Year 197, 116/115 BC
Obvs: Diademed head of Antiochos right within fillet border.
Revs: BAΣIΛEΩΣ ANTIOXOY EΠIФANOYΣ, Zeus Ouranios standing left, holding star and scepter. Outer left, ΣIΔΩ IEP Σ٩P in three lines above monogram. Date in exergue, all within wreath.
28x30mm, 16.22g
Order # G 267
Ref: SC 2330.2; HGC 9, 1197g(R2)

Demetrios II Hover to enlarge Demetrios II

Mint: Sidon
Year 186, 127/126 BC
Obvs: Diademed and draped bust of Demetrios II right beardless within dotted border, B behind.
Revs: ΣIΔΩNOΣ ΘEAΣ in two lines to left, Phoenician script to right "of the Sidonians". Astarte on prow left holding asphlaston and naval trophy. ζΠΡ to right.
AE 18x19mm, 4.60g
Order # G 284
Ref: SNG Spaer 2215; SC 2189.8; HGC 9, 1137(R2)

Demetrios I Hover to enlarge Demetrios I

Demetrios I
162 to 150 BC
Mint: Sidon
Obvs: Diademed head of Demetrios right.
Revs: BA ΔH reading upward or left, ΣI reading upward on lower right. Apollo standing left testing arrow and holding bow.
AE 13mm, 2.42g
Order # G 296
Ref: SC 1670.1; HGC 9, 866(R2)