The Titii were of Celtic origin, whose ancestors might have migrated to the Iberian Peninsula around the 4th Century BC. Allies of the Belli, they were subjected to Turboletae raids in the 3rd century BC and seem to have submitted by Carthage just prior to the Second Punic War. During the Celtiberian Wars of the 2nd century BC they sided with the Belli and Arevaci against Rome, being recorded as one of the signataries of the peace treaty with Tiberius Sempronius Gracchus in 179 BC. The Titii retained their political autonomy until their inclusion into Hispania Citerior province in 134 BC, and thereafter cease to be mentioned by the sources. After 72 BC however, they merged with the Belli, Uraci and Cratistii tribes to create the Late Celtiberian people of romanized southern Celtiberia, losing their tribal identity in the process.

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100 to 80 BC
Obvs: Bearded male head right. Ψ behind
Revs: Horseman riding right, holding spear. ΨΨPXM below
23x24mm, 7.7g
Order # C 004
CNH 296.12