Tyre Phoenicia

Tyre was one of the most important cities in the ancient Near East. Built on an island in the eastern Mediterranean, it controlled two natural harbors. It was close enough to the shore to be supplied, but far enough from the mainland to be nearly impossible to capture. The settlement itself is more than 4500 years old and was allied with the Egyptians. Later it was ruled by the Assyrians. The Persian empire took control of the city sometime after 539 BC. In January of 332 BC, the city was conquered by Alexander the Great who built a land bridge to the fortress. After is death it was controlled by the Seleucids until the Roman general Pompey took control of the area in 64 BC.

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AE Chalkous
98 to 138 AD
Obvs: Turreted, veiled, and draped bust of Fortuna right; palm frond to left, murex shell to right.
Revs: IEPAL MHTPOΠO ΛEWCOOC, War galley. Uncertain Phoenician date above.
20mm, 6.5g
Order # G 100
Ref: v. BMC 262

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AE 19
80 to 70 BC
Obvs: Head of Tyche right wearing turreted head-dress.
Revs: Monogram A V IEP AΣ, above galley.
19mm, 6.5g
Order # G 138
Ref: v. Sear 5925

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Demetrios I
154 BC
AE 20
Obvs: Demitrios diademed right.
Revs: War galley stern terminating forward in volute. L QNP in field, IrS in ex.
20mm, 6.4g
Order # G 077
BMC 4.48.47, SC 2 1672.2