5th century to 146 BC
Zeugitania was originally founded by Phoenicians in the 8th century. This was an important staging area during the Punic Wars.

Zeugitania Hover to enlarge Zeugitania

3rd century BC
Obvs: Wreathed Tanit left, wearing earring and necklace.
Revs: Horse standing right, in front of palm tree.
AE 16x18mm, 2.2g
Order # G 237
SNG Cop 109

Maurice Tiberius Hover to enlarge Maurice Tiberius

Maurice Tiberius
597 to 601 AD
Mint: Carthage
AE Pentanummium
Obvs: DN MAVR TIb PP AV, Diademed, cuirass and paludamentum.
Revs: Cross potent over · ϵ ·, N to left, M to right.
13x15mm, 2.27g
Order # B 199
Ref: DO III.254

Justinian I Hover to enlarge Justinian I

Justinian I
540 to 541 AD
Mint: Carthage
AE Nummus
Obvs: Justinian diademed, draped, and cuirass right.
Revs: VOT XIIII within wreath.
9x10mm, .75g
Order # B 203
DO 303, Sear 279